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Brass Extreme Tokyo Concert in Tokyo
Pre-concert of the PAN music festival 2011 Brass Extreme Tokyo Concert
24.October 2011 Suginami Koukaidou (small hall) 19:00
contemporary brass musics composed by korean and japanese composers

Organizer : Brass Extreme Tokyo
    The concert of Brass Extreme Tokyo(BET) was finished with great exitement. Thank you for comming! And very special thanks to four composers, Mr.Tokuhide Miimi, Mr.Goki Hosokibara, Mr.Takaaki Ito, Mr.Hiroyuki Yamamoto.Next concert is on 1st Nov. at Seoul in Korea.(Kiyonori Sokabe)
    Won Suk Choi / with wearing a fedora hat
    Soonmee Kahng / Music for Brass Quintet
    Mina Kim / Sori, Gyul / die Welle for Extream Brass Quintet
    Jae Seung / Winter, At Silent Night
    Tokuhide Niimi / "Where are the Gods?" for Brass Quintet
    Goki Hosaokibara / I want to be for solo + Crossing for Brass Quartet(for Brass Quintet)
    Komei Itoh / "Hikari nodokeki" for Brass Quintet
    Hiroyuki Yamamoto / "BET" for Brass Quintet (commissioned by Brass Extreme Tokyo)

    Brass Extreme Tokyo
    Kiyonori Sokabe (tp), Tomoki Sato(tp), Atsushi Doyama(hn)
    Kousei Murata (trb), Isao Watanabe(tu)

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Won Suk Choi (composer)
He received D.M.A and M.M in music composition from Michigan State University (united States), and a B.M in composition from Kook Min University (Seoul, Korea). His music has been mainly performed in United States and Korea. He has received the award from Contemporary Music Societyfs Music Composition Competition (Seoul, Korea), and Selected as a composer for the New Composers from the collaboration of Michigan State University and Detroit Symphony Orchestra. His recent works have been focused on the linear movements of sound, and the timbral diversity of the flowing sound.

Soonmee Kahng (composer)
Professor, College of Music,the Sungshin Women's University at Seoul, Korea. Soonmee Kahng received her BM at the Ewha Women's University, MM at the Manhatta n School of Music, and PhD at the Michigan State University in the U.S.A. She composed Arirang Fantasy for Violin solo, Petite Suite for Cello Solo,one ofthe required pieces for the 2004-2006 Sejong International Music Competition. She also composed Music for Brass Quintet for the New York Brass Quintet. Her solo instrumentalmusic along with lots of chamber and orchestral works have been performed successively in numerous country.
Kim Mina(composer)
The composer Kim, Mina is born in Seoul in the Republic of Korea(1971), studied composition at Kyung-Won University (Bachelor of music) in south Korea, at University of music and theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig in Germany by Prof. Dimitri Terzakis(Diplom/KE;Konzertexamen) and studied electro acoustic music at by Prof. Eckard Roedger Since 2004 lives in Korea and works as a part-time lecturer for composition and music theory at Universities and have many activities as composer.
Jae Seung (composer)
Composer Jae Seung was Born in Anyang-city, Republic of Korea.
Jae Seung have majoring in composition at Kyungwon University.
Tokuhide NiiMi (composer) photo by A.KONDO
2011 1947 Born in Nagoya, Japan
1975 Graduated from the Composition Class of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. 1977 Grand Prix of Composition at the 8th International Competition of Ballet Music, Geneva, and the Citizen's Award of Geneva. 1978 Completion of the post graduate course at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. 1982 Special Prize and Incentive Prize for Creative Stage Art at the Fine Arts Festival. 1983 Member of the jury of the International Competition of Ballet Music in Geneva together with G.Petrassi, etc. 1984 Prize for Excellence at the Fine Arts Festival. Accepted at IMC. 2000 Awarded the 18th NAKAJIMA Kenzo Prize. 2003 Awarded BEKKU Prize. 2004 Grand Prix of the Phonogram Section in the Fine Arts Festival for the CD < Fujin – Raijin > on the Camerata label. 2006 Awarded Sagawa Yoshio Music Prize for symphonic opera “White Bird”.  2007 Awarded the 55th Otaka Prize for Sinfonia concertante “Elan Vital” .
Remarkably, his orchestral works have been domestically performed by the NHK Symphony Orchestra and others, and in oversea countries they also have been performed by some of the leading orchestras, such as the Suisse Romande, Netherlands Radio, BBC Scottish, Radio France, Berlin, Nurnberg, etc. In particular, he is one of the most popular composers in the world of choral music, and his pieces have been constantly performing all over the country. He is at present a professor at the graduate school of Toho Gakuen, a guest Professor at the Tokyo College of Music.

Goki Hosokibara (composer)
Goki Hosokibara
born in Tokyo, Japan 1990. Studied composition under Sunao Isaji, trombone under Kosei Murata and Hiroshi Ishikawa. Awarded the 1st prize of The 5th Hirosaki Cherry-garden Composition Competition. Currently underway of pedagogical study at Waseda university. Composer's group "Shining" and "Square Notes" member.
Komei Itoh (composer)
Born in 1961, in Tokyo. Graduated Tamagawa University. Studied composition under Prof. Yoshiyuki Doi. Won the 1st prize and the special prize at the musical composition contest of National Theatre. Awarded Original Stage Work Prize at Agency for Cultural Affairs. Awarded the 2nd prize at Nagoya Prize. Nominated for the finals of the competition for new composers held by ISCM Japanese section and some of other competitions. Selected for some festival such as WMD(2001 in Yokohama), Contemporary Music Festival in East Asia(2010 in Hiroshima) , Saxophone Festival 2009 etc. Acting chiefly in the field of the contemporary music, occasionally composing tonality pieces for community bands. Member of ISCM Japanese section.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto (composer)
(b.1967) Born in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, on 7 March, 1967, and mainly brought up in Zushi City of Kanagawa Prefecture, Hiroyuki Yamamoto studied composition with Akira Kitamura, Jo Kondo and Isao Matsushita, and took both the bachelor (1990) and master (1992)degree in composition at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Yamamoto's prize-winning pieces include 'Closed Figure' (the 3rd Prize at The 58th Japan Music Competition, 1989), 'Forma' (JSCM Composition Award, 1996), 'Canticum Tremulum I' (the 3rd Prize, BMW Kompositionpreis der Musica Viva, 1998), 'Canticum Tremulum II' (both the 1st prize, Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2002 and the prize of The 13th Composition of Akutagawa Award for Music Composition). He was also awarded 'The 51st Kanagawa Culture Award - Outstanding Youth Award' for his outstanding achievements as composer, and his works have also been selected for performances at various music festivals, such as 'Forum 91' (Canada, 1991), 'Gaudeamus Music Week '94' (Holland, 1994), ISCM World Music Days (Luxembourg, 2000, and also, Yokohama, Japan, 2001). Yamamoto has so far composed about 60 pieces, for orchestra, chamber ensemble, various solo instruments, and some electronic music as well, and they have been performed by Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Ensemble Contemporain de MontreŽal, Trio Fibonacci(these three ensembles are based in MontreŽal), Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam), Okeanos Ensemble (Manchester), Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks (Munich), Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Cairo Symphony Orchestra (Cairo), The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble Musica Practica, Quartet Excelsior, Ensemble Contemporary a (these four based in Tokyo), and other performers and performing groups, with some broadcast by radio, around the world. In 1990, Yamamoto took part in the establishment of 'TEMPUS NOVUM,' with Haruyuki Suzuki, Yoshifumi Tanaka, Hiroshi Yokoshima, and some other composers, and since then, he has been an active member of the organization, which has held a lot of concerts with premiere pieces, many of them highly acclaimed. Along with composition for a lot of performers and ensembles, Yamamoto directed ENSEMBLE d'AME (Tokyo) for four years from 1997, and organized many concerts and events. He had a 'private exhibition' concert, consisting of his pieces only, in 2000, and since 2002, he has been producing concerts of'claviarea', where he organizes concerts with the pianist Kazue Nakamura. Hiroyuki Yamamoto joined the Faculty of Education at Iwate University from April, 2003, then moved to the Faculty of Composition at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music from April, 2009. Now he lives in Nagoya City of Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
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