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  Senzoku 8.12.2013
  Seoul 1.11.2011
  Tokyo 24.10.2011
  Tokyo 25.11.2008
  Seoul 26.10.2006
  Kanagawa 23.10.2006
  Hong Kong 09.10.2005
  Tokyo 03.10.2005
  Tokyo 09.07.2004
  Seoul 31.10.2003

Brass Extreme Tokyo is a group which makes a repertory the contemporary work for brass instruments.

It was formed for the 2003 SEOUL PAN music festival performance, and advance guard works, such as a premiere of a Japan and Korea new pieces, and Xenakis, Globokar, Berio, Dusapin, were performed. Invited to the Asahi Art Festival 2004 in Tokyo, the Musicarama Festival 2005 in Hong-Kong and SEOUL PAN music festival 2006

The member is performing solo activity and recording not only domestic but overseas as a specialist of contemporary music, respectively. The premiere of a Japanese work has also had many greatest influences on the composition scene of present age Japan through collaboration and a lecture with a composer.

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