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アサヒビールロビーコンサート in アサヒ・アート・フェスティバル vol.2

2004年7月9日 18:45 アサヒビール本社ビル1Fロビー

主 催:(財)アサヒビール芸術文化財団
後 援:日本現代音楽協会、日本トランペット協会、日本トロンボーン協会

出 演
    ブラス エクストリーム トウキョウ
    曽我部 清典(トランペット)、 上田 仁(トランペット)、 堂山 敦史(ホルン)
    村田 厚生(トロンボーン)、橋本 晋哉(テューバ)
    Keith EMERSON / Eruption from Tarkus (Arr. 鶴見 幸代)
    Luciano BERIO / Call for brass quintet (1985)
    Vinko GLOBOKAR / DISCOURS VII (1986)
    Shi hyong KIM / Baby for Fanfare (2003)
    Wonsook LEE / Tanzische Fanfare (2003)
    Seung Jae CHUNG / Delayed Illusion (2003)
    Yong Ju LEE / Korean Fanfare (2003)
    松平 頼暁 / simulation for tuba solo (1970-75)
    Bob MARLEY / Get Up Stand Up (Arr. 福井 とも子)
    鶴見 幸代 / 筋楽 (2003)
    Frank ZAPPA / Uncle Meat (Arr. 鶴見 幸代)

企 画
    鶴見 幸代(作曲家)
    1976年生まれ。東京芸術大学作曲科卒業。ガウデアムス国際現代音楽週間にて佳作受賞(2000)。 第2回武生国際作曲ワークショップに招待作曲家として参加(2002)。アサヒ・アート・フェスティバルに参加(2002)。Just Composed 2003 in Yokohama〜現代作曲家シリーズ〜にて委嘱作品「醸鹿」発表(2003). 映画とのコラボレーション舞台作品"SEXTET"(2003). 東京混声合唱団委嘱作品「縞縞」発表(2004).コッテリ現代音楽路線〜民謡路線〜アニソン路線など、作風は様々。

    Shi hyong Kim / Fanfare for Baby (2003)
    I wrote this work for my baby who will be born soon. While writing this work, I felt being happy.
    Shi hyong Kim (b.1972) graduated from the college of music, Seoul National University with Prof. Seung-jun Choi, Sukhi Kang. He got the master and doctorate degree of music in composition, at the Academy of music in Krakow with Prof. Marek Stachowski. He took a prize from the Dong-a Music Competition, the Contemporary Music Society Competition and the Seoul Music Festival. His works has been performed in Korea and abroad.
    Currently, he has been teaching at Seoul National University and several universities in Korea. As an active composer, he is a member of Contemporary Music Society, Composer's Alliance of New Music, Korean section of ISCM and ACL.

    .Wonsook Lee / Tanzische Fanfare fur Blaserquintett (2003)
    Tanzische Fanfare is a fanfare for dancing. In this piece, dancing means western dance such as bolero, which consists of simple motivic rhythms making various beats of dance through non-metrical rhythmic variations.
    Wonsook Lee studied composition at Seoul National University and Staatliche Musikhochschule
    Heidelberg-Mannheim in Germany. She lectures at several universities such as Seoul Nationl University and Suwon University
    Luciano Berio / Call pour quintette de cuivres (1985)
    Dedicated to Nashville Brass Quintet.
    Luciano Berio was born in Oneglia, Italy. After studies with Ghedini at the Milan Conservatory, he worked for the Italian Broadcasting Corporation from 1953 until 1960, when he founded the Studio di Fonologia and directed a concert series under its name. He has taught in America at Tanglewood, Mills College and Harvard University, and in Europe at Darmstadt and Dartington; from 1965 to 1971 he was a member of the composition faculty of the Juilliard School in New York. He ran the electro-acoustic department of IRCAM in Paris until 1980; in 1981 he founded tempo Reale, an institute for new music, in Florence. In 1988 he became an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Music, London. He has also been awarded the prestigious Siemens Prize.

    Yong Ju Lee / Korean Fanfare (2003)
    The gradually getting faster tempo and rising melody make exhilarating climax, which can be felt by Wheemori and Jajinmori in Korean traditional folk musics. In this piece, these folk musical phenomena are expressed concisely.
    Yong-Ju Lee graduated Seoul National University of Music College, where he studied composition and he continued to study composition at Staatliche Musikhochschule Freiburg in Germamy. He won several prizes from the German Radio Broadcasting, Cultural Department of Siemens and the 4th Nachwuchsform founded by Musik Texte. His music was introduced by the radio program of Franktrut and Bremen. Currently, he gives lectures at several universities incuding Seoul National University.

    Sachiyo Tsurumi / KINGAKU - imperfect product - Concerto (2003)
    Sachiyo Tsurumi was born in 1976 and receivedher BA in musical composition from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1999. She participated in the International Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam and was given the Honorble Mention in 2000. She has been challenging to break the traditions and pursue her own way to present musics.

    Seung Jae Chung / Delayed Illusion for Brass Quintet (2003)
    The main idea of the piece is to simulate a delay effect without electronic devises but with brass instruments.
    Seung Jae Chung received bachelor’s degree at Seoul National University, and master’s and doctoral degree at Manhattan School of Music. He studied with Chung‐Gil Kim, Giampaolo Bracali, Nils Vegeland, and Richard Danielpour. His music was performed during Gaudeamus Music Festival in 1996. Mr. Chung served as a director of electronic music studio at Manhattan School of Music and taught electronic music courses from 1998 to 2000. Currently he is a member of ACL, Contemporary Music Society in Seoul, the composers Group Ji‐Eum and Korean section of ISCM. He is teaching at Seoul National University, Korea National University of Art, and etc.

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